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My 2 kids both appear to have stunted growth and too small weight. the first who is 3 years and 10 mnths is just 12kg by weight while the second who is 2yrs and 1mnth is just 8.5kg Pls, what can i do to improve their growth and weight? I ave given them series of multivitamin/supplements as they dont really eat much food but all seem not to be effective. Probably i ave not used the correct one pls tell me if u know any drug or watever I can do to solve this problem bothering me.Thanks.

Hi, It does appear from the growth charts as attached below that your children are in or just under the 5th percentile for weight, I don't know how tall they are so you would need to see if they are in the same percentile for height which may indicate that nothing too serious is wrong.  

I am not a medical doctor or nutritionist although from my personal experience, supplements may be helpful for prevention from colds etc but will not assist with putting on weight and most children who eat a varied diet ie. vegetables, meat, dairy, fish etc are getting what they need from food and not falling short in vitamins.  Only a blood test from a doctor could really tell you what if anything your child is lacking vitamin wise.  

If they are active and alert and meeting other developmental milestones, I doubt it is due to anything serious and they will probably grow quickly later.

So long as they are eating and you are offering small quantities of each food group and feed they what they like too.  I don't think there is much more you can do at this age and given that they are both in this weight range it could just be genetics and they will grow rapidly in a few years time.

If you are still concerned I would recommend speaking with your doctor, health nurse or a nutritionist.

The link to the growth chart is here, there are other links if you need.  


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