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QUESTION: Hie my baby jus reached 12th month.he is just standing by taking support ofsome body,he could not stand by this age children stand and walk ,but my baby is some how different.he did not crawl yet.but Stan by support.
He rolled over in 5th month end,sit 8th month and stood by support 10th end.
And I heard the pace of development differs in baby.he s active but ..he he weighsaround7.4.and don't show any interest in food or that a reason for that.!?doctor said that if any body in afamily is lean he would be lean because of genes,and I'm so lean wen iwas baby.
Can u plz tell me is there a problem?that y he is not standing.
And pls tell me what to do.people ask me that why he is so lean and not walking by now

ANSWER: Hi Rekha,

Need not worry if the baby is active then they will catch up on their weight, height etc. once they start with regular food and activities.

Spend sometime nicely massaging the baby and giving iron calcium rich food (like dates, ragi, Chana soup). As long as the baby is active don't worry about his being lean just encourage the baby to reach his toys kept at some distance.I am sure in next 15 days you will some improvement. Also take pediatric advice as baby needs to be physically examined for any delays (if not done already).

All the Best,

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hi....he is only in less weight not in height.
And also active but to give him dates and all he doesn't show any interest at all.and  everyone says that he is lreasy standing up by taking support so he don't crawl ,he wil walk it so..?
And I didn't give him a good massage ..i stopped at his 7th month.,is that a reason he is late in his activities(could awl ,stand,walk)?
Plz answer me

Hi Rekha,

As long as he is active there is nothing much to worry about. Now that your child is standing with support he will directly start walking. You just need to take care of his nutrition and also may be start massaging. this will help him develop strength.

You can keep some toys just a small distance from his reach and encourage him to reach for them. This will help him walk faster.

All the Best!


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