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Hi my baby is just reaching 6th the problem is he is passing hs motion in dark green color past 3 days.this problem was started at the age f 2nd month doc cheked and teted his stool and said ,bacterial infection.and reducing substance+1 .we used enterogermina bifilac.for 7 days but same color.again I took him to doc he gave same medicine and along with pedizinc and said that will b problem..but problem was still there.
with some ones advice we used NATIVE medicine for him.
he was bit ok.and after that another doc said this problem will reduce he take some solid fud like cerelac.same. Way was again ok.
now again he is passing in ddark green color even after intake of solid food.
since his birth IM facing that s worried.dont know what to do.
another problem s my baby sleeps on his side.may be bzs of this he prefers to look at his sides very often than straight.and also when I make him to sleep straight he looks side ways most of the tym.
he luks straight and observe,hlod things.also.
but how could I change his habit of lookings side ways plz help and give some advice to my problem d

Hi Rekha

I suggest please use the native medicines with discretion to get positive results. You can apply a little bit of aesofitida in and around the naval region.

The color of the stool may vary because of teething the type of food intake etc.... just ensure giving good amount of liquids and healthy eating habits.

Regarding the baby turning towards the side give massage to the baby and especially the back. When you make the baby sleep nicely wrap the baby ensuring the sleeping position is straight.

You can also tie a mobil which encourages the baby to look straight up.

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