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Hi Neha,

I want to hear your opinion about my family's future plan. Now i'm living at a small city, in a  third world country. I and my husband must work hard to fulfill our household needs. Before i'm having baby, i work with my husband everyday, without holiday. Out from our house at 5am and go home at 8.30pm, except saturday, we go to a big city near our living place to re-stock our store. We have a store, we can call it family store because it is not ours and located next to my mother in law's store. Now, we have 2 month old baby and i'm being fulltime houswife. My husband works alone everyday and seems sick of his routine. Our money is thight, we have no recreation and our future here seems not clear.
Before i have my baby, i've been accepted by an university in Australia.. yes, we are interested to move from here, to another country that we know it is a  better place for our future. Here, we can't give our child good environtment to live, to get education, and a healthy family. How can he grow without much time with his father? How can we buy things to our child, if our family's budget is tight? So, we want to sell our home and leave everything to start a new life in other country. But at first, we can't bring our baby because we want to settle yet. We have a target that 2 years after we moved, by that time i've been already get my diploma of early childhood education there and will work in a daycare, so i can bring my baby work with me.
In 2 years when i and my husband are working and studying, i give my baby to my mom, who will take care him with all of her heart.
The question is, will our baby forget us if we leave him for 2 years? We still can contact him with skype..
Will our baby get a separation anxiety with me if we leave him when he 6 month old?
Will our baby (after 2 years), when he 2,5 years old, get a separation anxiety with my mom?
Will our future plan is good for me, husband and our baby?
I will happy to hear your views.. thank you.

Hi lin
Your family plan sounds beneficial for the three of you in the long run. Regarding separation anxiety there is no need to bother so much as after the child is 2.5 yrs there is a catch up mechanism which will strengthen the bond between you and the child. Which you can utilize to build up a healthy bond.

I think you are taking a wise decision.

All the best.


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