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May I ask this question?
I have a one-year-old baby. Due to our jobs, we may have to send him to a nursery soon from early morning to 6pm.
Is it cruel and bad for the child?
My first son only went to the nursery when he was three. I still donít know if that made him better or worse.
However, I feel that sending a one-year-old baby to a nursery is bad.
What do you think?
My sincere thanks,


I worked in a daycare center for several years.  They accepted children as young as 6 weeks old.  I didn't see where it hurt the children any more or less to be there starting young than when they were older.  Perhaps a little less separation anxiety as they got older because they were more used to the routine than the older children being dropped off for the first time and getting upset realizing the parent would leave for a while.  I would ask about the credentials of the center, as well as speak to the staff a couple times before your baby goes to the nursery.  Ask if you could sit in for a while and watch the routine and how they deal with the babies.  Most daycares would be more than willing to let you do that for your own comfort, as well as that of your child.  When I worked in a daycare, I would encourage the parent to spend a little while, when they had the time, especially if there seemed to be separation anxiety, and get the child involved in activities before slipping out quietly when they felt comfortable.


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