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QUESTION: hi my baby is in his 8th month.he is not sitting and crawling yet.and i heard that the pace of development varies in babies.
and in 8th month he is able to sit for probably 30 seconds without support.becoz of playing with something all the time,he is bending to get the object,so cudnt sit ..
and if i keep some toy infant of him,he streches his hands and some timeshe lifts his butt by pressing his face to the bed.but not crawling.
Also i never leave my baby on floor yet.and always n bed.because he is lean.
and i asked our doctor., he said there is nothing to worry,ur baby would walk for one that il work,REALLY HAPPEN IN SOME CASES??

.if i make him to stand he will standby taking my hand s for a minute i guess,and if i make him to walk he will take small steps too..

ANSWER: Hello Bhagya,

 If you try to follow the guidelines for child development given in books (I have been guilty of writing these guidelines in my own books!), you will always find areas where your child is slow to develop. That, of course, causes unnecessary worry.

 Children develop at their own pace. Some crawl very early; others late. Some babies never crawl at all -- they go from moving around on their stomachs to walking.

 Children should be given plenty of opportunity to explore the environment on their own. This means that they should be on the floor so they can begin to move around. If you put a toy just out of their reach, then they will have to move in order to get it. It is easier for them to learn to crawl on a hard surface, such as a floor, then on a soft surface, such as a bed.

 Remember the guidelines for when the average baby crawls, walks, talks and so on, are just guidelines. Children will vary greatly from these averages.

 Continue to play with your baby and help him to try new things by making things just a little more difficult for him (such as putting a toy just beyond his reach when he is on the floor).

 Please get back to me if you have more questions.

James Windell

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I placed my baby on floor for the first time but,he was little crying ,may be because he is mean ,his rib cage might touching gground.i guess.and by placingmy baby on floor  he  can crawl???it takes much worried because everyone is saying something,but I want to,know the right one.
and thank q for the valuable suggestion ..and plsss guide in this way when ever needed.
plz lemme know the book name which u have written the guide lines..

Hello Bhagya,

I don't think there is an absolute and right way to raise children. However, children do need opportunities to try different things (ass long as they are safe).

If your son is not quite comfortable with or used to floor time, get down on the floor with him and play with him. If he cries, don't pick him up immediately. But gradually, over time, give him more floor time.

The recent book I wrote was "The Everything Child Psychology and Development Book."




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