Hi my baby isin 9th month.he gets cold he is suffering with cold...too much of water causes cold!? can u plzz advice me ...that wich friuts causes cold....and
My baby is passing his motion in alternate day as pebbles ......docsaid that he should. Not pass in that waay and gave him amedicine.can u plzz tell me the reason y he should not pass in such a way.
And my baby hav low apetite.....and this month he did not gain even 100 gms anything wrong?
What happens if infants have thyroid problem!??
Is that curable in infants??
Plzzz answer all my queries plzz..want to know.

Rekha - I'm not familiar with where too much water would cause colds and do not believe any fruits would cause your son to get a cold.  I've seen where my children have occasionally passed bowel movements which have looked like pebbles - I've seen everything come out of my kids from diarrhea to an almost sand like consistency.  I don't worry about it unless it doesn't change for several days in a row.  Usually, the pebble consistency is caused from a lack of moisture in the intestines.  This is where your comment about him drinking water concerns me some - how often is he getting milk?  Is he still breast feeding?  Appetite changes often happen during growth spurts (periods where the child will seem to want to sleep either more or less often than normal and eat more or less than normal.  My kids, during growth spurts, usually would sleep as lose their appetite.  It's nothing to worry about unless it goes on consistently for longer than a week or two - or if he completely refuses to eat for several days in a row.  I'm not familiar with thyroid problems in infants and do not believe that your son is suffering from one.  I believe that his bowel movements are normal, don't know if there are significant weather changes where you are, maybe a change in the seasons or more/less rainy than usual - this could be causing sinus problems instead of an actual cold.


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