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Hi Mary Kay!
I am working on an article for and am looking for someone who can give me advice on how to choose the best baby bottle. Do you have any thoughts on this? If I use your quote in my article, do you have a website or twitter handle you would like to include?
Thanks so much!

Hi Kelly, My apologies for taking so long! This is unusual for me. First my father past away and then I nearly lost my dog to an undiagnosed heart condition. Currently my aunt is passing on. It was a rough couple of months to say the least. I am assuming you have moved on from this question. I would be the least of the experts to assist you as I chose to breastfeed. Didn't do baby bottles. You are more than welcome to visit my website for any other articles that you would like to write. I have recently published a peer reviewed article about my research on fathers. There are two articles not published on the National Fatherhood Initiative Blog as well. On my website you will find a link to my TED talk and other social media. Best, Mary Kay Keller


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Ask me about my research on Fathers and their babies! I presented the only TED talk on Fathering to date. I answer questions concerning Infants & Toddlers & the developmental stages that they are in and referral information when necessary. It doesn`t matter what the psychological or emotional behavior they are exhibiting. What matters is that you ask the questions & search out solutions! My individual private confidential services are listed here. My books and creative arts are listed here Do come and visit today! Dr. Kellers' Blogging. Post your questions 24/7.

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