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My baby is 4 weeks old. I breastfed originally, but sadly do not have enough milk to do so any more. I have now started feeding her formula milk, but she suffers terribly from constipation and stomach cramps.I was given medication (a light laxative) by thr pharmacy, but do not want to get her system used to this as it is daily medication. What can I do to stop the cramps and make sure she has regular bowls? I wish I was able to breastfeed only, but somehow I simply do not produce enough milk for her.

Cerise - don't feel bad...I've had 6 kids and had low milk production with all of them.  I know where you're coming from.  My youngest (6 months old this coming Monday), had trouble with gas, spitting up (if he drank 3 oz of formula, he spit back 1 oz to 1 1/2 oz).  He started with the regular Similac, then we tried Soy.  The pediatrician put him on Nexium (prescription) but that made him very lethargic.  We bought the over the counter gas drops and gave him those, which helped a little, but not completely.  We then tried a formula that his Dad was on as an infant - Nutramigen.  It's an allergenic formula which he has done a lot better with (the Similac brand close to it is Alimentum).  It's more expensive - the larger can costs $40 per can, but he drinks 5-6 bottles (8oz) per day and the regular size cans only last about 3 days, where the large can lasts a week.  We also started adding cereal to his bottle earlier than recommended (I only use the rice infant cereal to start because it's thin and easier to process), which helped too.  When he shows signs of gas or discomfort, we start playing with him, moving his legs like a bicycle motion or folding his feet up to touch his cheeks, which can help apply pressure to move the gas bubble.  Make sure her bottles are a little warmer than normal, also, as this can help push the gas through.  If you are on WIC for assistance with the formula, be prepared to purchase the formula yourself as WIC doesn't usually cover regular formula only and not the allergen formulas or the soy.


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