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hello Mam,
we live in India and the first language spoken at home is hindi.My 4.5yrs old daughter is very proficient in hindi with good vocabulary and expressive as per her age.we have introduced her to English words so she understands all English words like names of object animal season toys etc etc but she cannot make sentence or understand the statements simple what we say to her in this the right age to introduce her to second language(English)?? can we teach her the same because I live with my in laws who don't understand language so hindi is majorly spoken at home...
your reply will be appreciated..

Hi Neha,

I can understand the cultural make up of the Indian household, There is no need to worry. You can exclusively talk to the child in English and encourage her to talk to you in English. I am sure she shall pick it up well with this interaction. You can introduce the second language at the age of 2/3 years usually. However, children can pick up multiple languages at the same time. So just encourage your child to talk to you in English and read some English stories at bed time.



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