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I could not find an expert who could answer my question who is a female in another category.  Since you are a mother I think that you can answer my question.

When a woman is in labor, where does most of the pain come from? Is it painful for the woman when the cervix dilates (widens) so the baby can pass through it or is there also pain from other areas of the lower body, for example the uterus?

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Seeing as my youngest was just born at 12:18 am, and it's only 4 hours later, I think I can give you a pretty good example.

My son was due the 15th of Feb, but the morning of the 8th, I woke, went to urinate and saw clear/white mucus.. This is part of the "plug" you will hear people refer to. Throughout the day, I felt increased pressure in my pelvic region, just above the pubic bone.  I also started (towards late afternoon) a lot of low back pain, particularly across the tailbone and into the hips and down the thighs.  Towards the start of evening, I started experiencing actual onset of early stages of labor, which included the hip/thigh pain becoming worse, as well as the lower abdominal (pelvic) region getting what felt like "grabbing" pain.  This happened intermittently, only lasting 15-20 seconds (honestly, it seemed like a full minute) and steadily became more often - increasing to 30-45 second bouts of pain with 4-7 minutes between grabs.  These began to spread to the top of the abdomen (uterus specifically) which was monitored with a readout.  Again, the lower pelvic pain increased to a point where I had to push downward, whether I wanted to or not, as the grabbing in the uterus was so severe (mainly for me spreading from the pelvic region upward).  I gave birth natural (no medications or epidurals) so know exactly what order it happens in.


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