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I love my son to the moon, but it seems it is not mutual... he doesnt mind being held by anyone but me, his mother, at a month old... i do have PPD that I am being help for and my husband has been a wonderful source of support. But seeing my son calm in someone else's arms but fights and screams with me breaks my heart. I am a stay at home mom and I neex to be able to care for him without the help of friends or family... he does have a touch of colic and we are managing that. But he is happy with others, but not me... help


From what you are explaining,  I'm thinking that the PPD may be exaggerating the colic and normal crying your son is doing. He can also be picking up on your stress from the PPD, particularly depending on your symptoms from it,and be reacting to that. I've never dealt with the PPD, so would really need a list of your symptoms to tell what he may be reacting to. I would suggest doing something you find calming when you hold him...either listening to calming music, sitting in a dim room or candle light, to try and cut down your stress, thereby reducing his stress level. If you notice you get stressed or upset hearing him cry, just remind yourself it's normal for a baby to cry and it's not you personally.  That's the only way he has to communicate. Please feel free to contact me again if you need to.


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