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HI ,
I started introducing solid food for my baby when he was 6 months. he is now 7 months and refuses to eat. he keeps his mouth open and does not swallow the food inside his mouth. I tried : mashed potato, mashed carrots, avocado, banana, cereal rice.

I put some time toys in front of him so I can feed him.
I would be very grateful if you can suggest method which can help .


Although some children will eat that early, a lot of them do not and holding off on solid foods until they are around 9-10 months is better. All of my children were on solid foods by the time they were 1, however I only introduced table foods that early with my now 7 year old because he had the most appetite. The others I waited until around 9 months. If you have access to baby food (or want to make your own in a food processor), start with fruits first, then vegetables. It could be the thickness of the food is what is keeping your little one from wanting to eat, or it may be too much for his stomach. He really doesn't have a swallowing pattern down yet for solids.


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