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My son is 11 weeks old now and im at my wits end. We have him on special formula and spend long periods of time burping him but he is still getting very gassy, turning into a screaming inconsolable angry boy. I am a stay at home mom and this cant go on for both of us. Please help

My 1 year old was like that.  I don't know what formula you have him on - we had to use one called Nutramagen - made by Similac.  Beyond that, we picked up some gas drops from Walgreens which seemed to help.  Also, given how young he is, if you still have him in a bassinet, use a pillow curved in the bassinet and use it to help him sit up when you put him back in.  I know it goes against everything the "experts" and "doctors" recommend, but we did it with our son and it helped.  If he still has trouble with gas, try talking to the pediatrician about medication, just watch for signs of side effects (they tried to put our son on medication for his stomach and he became very lethargic (tired all the time, not showing his usual personality) - we took him off it after 3 days and he became himself personality wise and that's when we tried the Nutramagen.  


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