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I have an almost 3 week old daughter who is formula fed, has been since day 2.  My mom is staying with us to help with our older 2 kids as I had a csection.  She and I do not agree on how much to feed the baby and even though this is #3, I am super confused.  She jumped up to taking 2 oz pretty quick and now usually does about 3 oz every 3-4 hours.  Her dr is not concerned and has the general guidelines of 16-24 oz in 24 hours.  The confusion comes from, on occasion, the baby will finish her bottle and seem to want more, will be rooting and chewing on her hands and my mom will say that baby has a bubble and she only thinks she is hungry because her stomach hurts.  But when she doesn't want to eat she clamps her lips down and you can't get anything in.  Sometimes a pacifier will soothe her, sometimes we give her another ounce and she may or may not take it.  Baby also spits up a little on occasion, usually while burping, but is a happy spitter, very little actually comes out, she catches and swallows most of it.  My mom said this means her stomach is full.  My other two were also happy spitters but it was a lot more.  The others I had started off nursing or pumping some before switching them to formula and one of them was very regulated, when she had growth spurts we would add a half an ounce and she would be happy.  I just want to make sure I am not over feeding her or when my mom has her is not denying her food. Thanks!

Erin, I'm with you on this.  I have 7 and each one ate differently. My youngest is 3 months old and is the exact same as your little one.  Personally, I was always given a hard time in the hospital because I believe in feeding a baby when they indicate they are hungry, and the hospital has guidelines on how often you should be shoving food at them.  My son does the same thing if he doesn't want a bottle (or pacifier) - he closes his lips and then, when I pull it away, he happily has his fist at his mouth, chewing away.  His Dad even asked if it could be early teething.  I think it's just reflexive because that's what they did in the womb.  He spits up a little now and then (nothing like what his 18 month old brother did - we had to change formula several times with him before finding one he didn't drink 3 oz and give back 2).  All babies will spit some.  As long as she is gaining steady weight at her doctor visits, obviously, she's getting enough.  Mine were all formula fed due to low milk production when breast feeding - I could have them latched on for an hour and they'd still take almost 2 oz after that.  She's fine.  If she has a gas bubble, she'll be more squirmy and fussy until she can burp it out, or pass gas.  All babies will root no matter if they are hungry or not.  I've had my 3 month old finish a full 6 oz bottle already and still seem to be rooting - put a blanket over him and he'll try to chew on the edge of it, or he'll get his fist.  Follow your instincts, Mom.  You had her, you know her cries, you can tell her mood and/or personality.  When she wants more, she'll let you know.  I've had some of mine that within a couple weeks from birth, I had to start adding cereal to their bottle.  My one son was so greedy and hungry that within 2 weeks was drinking a full 8 oz bottle with cereal in it and was still hungry - by a month old, I had him on stage 1 baby food and that went on for 4 months before I switched him to stage 2.  The doctor had a fit, but I saw how hungry he was.  He's perfectly healthy, not overweight, and is just a good eater (although at 7 years old, a lot more picky).  Just let her take the lead right now as she can tell you when she's hungry and when she is full.  It's her stomach - follow her lead.


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