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aaa wrote at 2008-05-12 10:50:30
Even my baby once for 1 day had a green potty,, And I was scared to death that somebody tried to poison it.

krishan wrote at 2012-11-22 15:39:28
I think when ever child has infrence of growth of teeths then I soeties remembers that stool has green color. I a not a doctor bt elders talked like this.


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I can answer questions on preeclampsia, pyloric stenosis in small babies, and general questions about babies aged newborn-3 years about potty training, moving baby into a toddler bed,etc...


I am a young mother of two daughters (3 & 4 yrs. old).I had preeclampsia with both of my pregnancies, and one of my children had pyloric stenosis at a very young age. I am not a doctor, but having to go through everything that I did to get here today I know a lot about it.

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