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Parkinson`s Disease/X-ray tech (young) with PD-OTHER'S ????


Denise wrote at 2015-05-27 16:50:37
My spouse worked on nuclear war heads in the military. Radiation exposure had bone cancer and has Parkinson's disease.  

Parkinson`s Disease

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Dr Robert Arnone, DC


If you are ready for the answers that no one has ever told you before just ask me. I will explain briefly and in layman's terms how this may have started in the first place and how you can possibly get well or at least improve. I will tell you how you can improve your health at the Brainstem level without harmful drugs, radiation, or surgery after suffering from the effect known as Parkinson's Disease.


I am an Upper Cervical Specific Doctor and I have seen patients suffering from the effect known as Parkinson's Disease get completely well or improve after being under Upper Cervical Specific Chiropractic Care without harmful drugs or barbaric surgeries.


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