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Parkinson`s Disease/Parkinson's Disease and Morphine


Mina wrote at 2016-05-14 23:18:14
My mother passed away one year ago and two weeks before her death she started having these uncontrollable movements on her hands and arms at night and was out of herself. The hospice advised my aunt,who was taken care of my mother,to give her morphine by mouth every certain hours. My mother was sleeping most of the time, with no IV or nothing to eat by mouth for those two weeks. She died all dehydrated, even though she was passing a little bit of urine until the end. I don't think she was in pain, but she was hurting herself with her own nails. I will always think that the IV will make her last longer and that the morphine could be substitute for something else to calm her down.

Parkinson`s Disease

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