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Dear Margot RN BScN GNC:
I was inspired to write to you after I read your thoughtful and informative answer to someone else.
My father will be 84 this year. He has gotten progressively worse with his posture over the past 2 years. One of my questions has to do with pain. My father would never let on that he was in o=pain, ever. Does Parkinson's create pain when trying to move?

Also, my mother and brother are doing a great job taking care of my father.

Are there any series of steps we can use to make our home safer and to try and help prevent falls and other things that might prove to be real set backs for my dad?

Thank you.

Hello George,

Although pain is not a direct symptom of PD, discomfort would be a normal side-effect of reduced mobility.  When people are not able, or chose not to, communicate with us, we must rely on watching the non-verbal queues for signs of pain (facial grimaces and laboured breathing, etc).  Warm baths and gentle ROM exercises or massages will help promote comfort.

To make the home safer you'll want to ensure the hall ways and path ways are free of clutter and don't have loose rugs as PD causes people to shuffle and tripping is a high risk.

I hope this helps and I wish you all the best,

Parkinson`s Disease

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