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Parrots/splayed legs in a baby lovebird


Peachface wrote at 2008-09-08 23:39:01
My lovebird Jensen has had a 2 splay legs since she was a baby bird.  I tried to get it fixed when she was a baby but to no avail.  I hand fed her when the other birds tried to attack her.  She is now 12 years old and is just as loving as she can be.  She crawls to the end of her shelf ramp and chirps until I pick her up.  She then goes to sleep in my hand.  By the way I have 3 lovebirds.  When I pick her up the other two want me to hold them as well. The oldest is 13 years old.  I had to customize her cage by buying some wire shelfs that they sell for handicap birds at most bird stores.  I lowered her Tent hut and she climbs in it.  She also knows how to defend herself and will fight if any of the birds bother her but with me she's so sweet.  Beautiful personality.

Kaliki's Mom wrote at 2008-12-11 14:50:32
I just wanted to check to see how your baby was coming along.  I have several handicap birds that I have taken in from breeders that did not want them.  They are wonderful birds and they get along quite well.  I would not trade them for the world!  We have come across some great things for them that work well so if you need some ideas, feel free to drop me an email.  These little ones can be great companions.  Best of luck to you.

Peachface wrote at 2014-05-14 16:47:24
My sweet, sweet splayed legged baby Jensen died Sunday.  She was 18 1/2 years old. I saw her hatch. She was very sick for the past two years. The Vet told me two years ago she only had 1 week to live.  I decided to take her home, put her in a hospital cage, handfeed her and let her be around my other lovebird babies.  Well she lived almost two years after that.  I knew she was dying and tired but I kept her happy, handfed her, gave her medicine and played with her. She started having difficulty breathing and not moving around as much.  I massaged her legs for her and use the ointment from the bird store that helps with Arthritus. Last week she was acting very strange.  Well, after loving her, kissing her head, cleaning her, she wanted me to keep holding her. I am ashamed to say that I fixed the bed up and a place for her far from me.  Something I always do.  When I woke up she was dead.  So I am not sure if she died while on my bed on her own or if I accidently smothered her with covers. I am heartbroken.   I know that people say not to put the birds on the bed. I feel horrible.  I know she lived a long life.  It just hurts.  I lost her father last year he died in the cage at the age of 18 years.  I go him when he was a week old.


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