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Parrots/Budgie giving birth


Hi there, i have two budgies one male and one female, the female one has just layed an egg, however she is blind and is not sitting on the egg, i was wondering what i should do..? i would be very pleased for you to get back to me so i can do what is best.

--  Blind or not she will instinctively know what to do, so just let her be.  The male will also sit on the nest.  The less interference, the better.  However, if they truly do abandon the egg chances are it's not fertile and wouldn't have survived.

If you have a brooder or incubator you can try using this to see where it goes, but other than that it's nearly impossible for a novice to hatch an egg and raise a newly hatched bird to weaning stage.

Sometimes they don't begin to sit until the rest of the clutch is lain.   That would occur over the next few days - so keep it nice and warm in their area, increase humidity with perhaps a steam humidifier nearby

 Good luck  


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