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Parrots/Cockatiel eye problem


Hi there, my 8 week old cockatiel appears to have swelling at the front of one of his eyes, it's red in colour. Is this a sign of conjunctivitis? Would it be ok to leave it for a week or so before going to the vet? It doesn't seem to be irritating him at all.

--Beautiful bird!!!  
It's impossible to make a diagnosis with a photo, but from what I DON'T see (no growths or lesions) I suspect you're dealing with a respiratory or sinus infection.   Yes, because birds have such compact, efficient bodies, infections can be deceiving.  Eye problems can actually be respiratory.  And in new 'tiels like this, it's quite common.  
Boric acid solution may be tried in order to control secondary infections: 1 tablespoon boric acid + 1 quart of water. Bring to a boil and then let cool.
Simple saline solution, what you’d use to rinse contact lenses in, is also an option; however, plain, clean (bottled) water without additives in it is safe and easy.
This will NOT 'cure' the bird.  You need to establish a vet anyway right?  All birds need at least once or twice a year routine exams with their vet, so now is a good time to do that.

The bird will either get a one time injection of meds or a course of meds for you to administer.

Never, ever stop them early, no matter how hard it is to give them otherwise it will come back MUCH worse and way more expensive to treat.

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