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Parrots/Bird trying to mate with me even in the autumn?


Hi, I have a 17 year old hyacinth macaw who's been living with me for the last 4 years or so. He's extremely attached to me and shows a lot of mating behaviour to me (trying to regurgitate, and actually attempting to mate with me). When I asked his doctor about it, she said to just ignore it when he does it so that he doesn't get good or bad attention. So I just put him down and pretend that nothing happened. It's now getting close to winter here and he's still trying every day to mate with me. I've read that birds exhibit mating behaviour in the spring and summer, but now that it's the fall, his behaviour hasn't changed. When I think of it, it does seem to me that he pretty much tries year round, but this year seems a bit worse than usual. Any other advice for this behaviour?
Thank you!

--  Your doctor is right.  Ignore it.  Stop all interaction and leave the room if possible.  Once he understands that his behavior and intentions are not welcome and the worst thing that can happen to a bird is being ignored, he'll ease up

When it comes to mating seasons, I'm afraid that's just for birds in the wild.  Birds in our homes can be in that 'mood' year 'round.   There's plenty of food, the temperature is perfect all the time inside the house and even daylight/nighttime hours aren't an issue unless you strictly control them

To do this, he would need 12-14 hours of privacy, dark and quiet every night and year 'round.  

Check here and look at the 'sleep' section


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