Haah yeah ive notcied they like to eat what you eat. we just got an eclectous parrot shes only 14 weeks. every time i eat something she starts eating it even if it is in my mouth and when i have a brew she puts her head in it haha shes adorable

-- That can make for a magnificent bond (sharing a meal) but it can also make for a very costly illness (letting her eat out of your mouth).  We humans have massive bacteria in our mouth and much of it can't be tolerated by avian systems.   I took in one rescue where the resulting infection caused her to self destruct her feathers and while the infection cleared up after many hundreds of dollars, the feather destruction became a habit of 15 years now.

-- And did you know that the 3 top things to avoid ever giving a bird are 1. alcohol, 2. avocado, 3. chocolate

A single sip of your brew shouldn't do harm, but two sips might and more than that, well you've been playing Russian roulette.   What would you do if she suddenly dropped dead?  No do overs then.  You can take it back and you can't fix it.

But other than this, yeah, it sounds like you've got a lovely relationship started.  Keep it up and it'll only get better as time goes on  


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