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Parrots/baby budgies sleep a lot and i dont see them drink at all


I have 3 baby budgies in my home since last week. They seem to sleep a lot. i went to the vet yesterday and got antibiotics as they had wet yellow droppings. It seems a bit better today, but I am afraid they dont get the antibiotics as i never see them drink. ( ive put the antibiotics in their water. is it normal that budgies dont drink that much? and shouldnt they be very active?

I have a good size cage, with toys and things to clime for them. I change the water and food everyday.

Can somebody help me with this? I am new in birds and I am really worried.

Thanks in advance.

-- None of this seems 'normal'.  Vets (who actually know how to treat birds) don't usually give meds for water.  That's more for farm animals (chickens, etc).   Since I can't see the birds, I can't run labs on a fresh dropping (VERY necessary to do) I certainly can't 'guess' at any one of a hundred different things this could be

What I can tell you is to dump that vet and get to one who actually treats the majority of his or her practice being birds.  

Call your local Pet Smart and Pet Co's to ask for their list of avian vets and then call every regular vet in town and ask who they refer their bird patients to.

GOOD vets will have no problem admitting they aren't bird experts and sending people to someone who is.

Please act quickly  


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