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my name is leah, and i recently acquired a 12 yr. old male b&g that is completely blind. i took him to my avian vet, and then took him to an animal eye dr. at which they diagnosed him as being irreversibly blind. i feel bad for him ! in the mean while, i dont know what to do or even if what im doing will help him. the vet told me he needs exercise, as his feet are getting week. so i got him some foot toys. i have only had him for about 6 weeks. he was locked up for 2 years previously, and it seems he may be depressed. i only want him to have a decent life, and i worry that the quality of it will only get worse. ive been told that i should towel him and pet him all over. im not afraid to do that, but i worry he may either get too stressed, or just end up hating me. i spend a lot of time with him every day, and like i said, i want him to have a decent life. is there anyone or books i could read that might give me some other ideas to help him?
i appreciate your time and any helpful ideas you might pass on to me
thank-you very much,

-- Leah, I want to work with you on this, but on a "one on one" basis.  Please re post your question specifically to me and click the box that makes it confidential/private.  Also, when you reply, tell me if the medical consults you have already done were with avian specialists.  That is:  Board certified avian doctors or veterinarians who see nothing but birds as part of their practice.  

Also, tell me what state you are in.  

Again, reply, but make the question "private" or "confidential" I'm not sure what the wording is but you'll click a box that keeps it from appearing on the public boards and only you and I will be talking.

Be patient for me though.  I have a rescue to make on Sunday and a possible rehab to intake on Monday.  I will be online, but it might not be until later in the day.  I'm in California

Thank you  


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