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i have only the one love bird but she has laid an egg and now my love bird is weak cant fly much and is sleeping a lot
what can i do to make her feel better

-- This is a very serious condition and unless you have a medical degree in avian studies I'm afraid you cannot fix her at home.   BUT you can make her a hospital room in order to transport her to her vet

use a small box lined with soft clothes like tee shirts.
Use a thick, clean sock and fill it with plain, raw white rice. Knot the end and microwave it for about 1 minutes.  Shake it afterwards to distribute the heat and be sure it's not too hot.  Tuck this in just under the cloths.
A heating pad under the box is also helpful, set on low.   This is one of the few times Id ever use both heat sources if necessary to maintain incubation temp (90-105 degrees).
If ever using an electric source for heating anything in anyway, please be vigilant and constantly double checking carefully.
Gently drape a light cover over this box to further help hold heat in and keep light low.
You must be on your way to or lining up professional care.  Not even I have a lab in my home complete with X-ray machine, CT Scanner or MRI.  It wont be doing justice to your companion to try to fix this yourself.

 IMPORTANT:  Even if she SEEMS to improve, do not trust this.  Birds are experts at what's called "masking" and with every last bit of energy they have, they will act normal.  That's why they've been here billions of years before we arrived and will probably be here long after we're not  


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