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can you give me an estimated life span for the blue headed pionus?
also, why does it tear up the paper at the bottom of the cage?

If on an ideal diet your pionus should live at least 25 years and some are living close to 40 these days thanks to pelleted diets and informed owners bringing birds in for regular check ups twice a year (typically this amounts to less than .25 cents a day.  GREAT investment for a life like this isn't it?)

It is like most other birds shredding whatever it can get it's beak on with the papers.  That's why they should be placed under the bottom grate, not on top.  A bird can ingest old droppings by shredding dirty paper and end up with a serious, even life threatening infection.  

Both males and females might shred as a nesting instinct, but largely, parrots shred whatever they can 'just because it's there'

For a lot of info and pictures about 'how to' go here  


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