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Parrots/Sun Conure just started biting


Cinder is a 4 year sun conure. I've had her since 4 months.  She has just decided she hates when I touch a wine glass or wash dishes.  Which are two things I do a lot since I paint wine glasses. So after 4 years she has started biting when I ever I touch a glass or wash a dish.  How do I stop her?  Please help I love having her with me but I can't if she is going to take a chunk out of my hand, arm what ever she can reach every time I pick up a glass.  Thank you!!

--It appears she has been 'taught' that when she acts this way while you're doing a particular thing will get HER the attention she craves.  Remember, birds don't know that our yelling and turning red in the face isn't a good thing.  Loud is better to a bird.  Great fun!

What they DON'T like is being ignored or 'shunned'.  That's what you have to do.  When she acts badly, quietly put her someplace where she can't see you or hear you (I use the words "time out" when I do this so they associate those words with something they don't like)

Never leave her unattended for more than 5 minutes or it's just cruel and the lesson gets lost in the cruelty of the action.

Set a timer since it's easy to lose track of time

Go here and look under "biting and screaming"

You'll see how to address this quickly and efficiently

Good luck!


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