I have an Amazon blue nape that has a round flesh like tumor like bubble on the  underside of his beak about the size of the tip of my small finger.  Is that something that should be removed or she could be ok with it.  Her health and eating are the same.  She is a rescue so I don't her age.

--Let's ask this question this way:  Your child has a suspicious lump under their jawline.  What do you do?  I would imagine you'd be out the door to the doctor within the week.  I mean you could stay home and hope it's just a pimple, or perhaps a cyst or maybe a bruise?  But what if you're wrong and it's a carcinoma (cancer) - and by the time you give in and see the doctor the child needs their jaw removed and will never be the same again.

Well, same thing here. No one can do psychic medicine (despite charlatan claims).  This lump needs to be felt; perhaps have an x-ray, a biopsy, etc..  It could be an air sac leak; it could be a cyst or tumor -- and then we need to figure out whether or not it's cancerous.  Then, what kind.  Then, how far along and then, what to do.  

The only thing I can tell you for 100% sure is that 'watch and wait' is pretty much never a good idea with birds.  They will act perfectly fine until they simply don't have enough energy left to fake it (called "masking") and like thousands of bird owners before, you'll be convinced your bird "died all of a sudden", when in fact, the problem was going on for many days, weeks or even months

This needs to be checked out.  And please remember that routine bird exams typically amount to less than .25 cents a day if you have two a year.   Less than .25 cents a day for the health and longevity of your trusting, unconditionally loving companion?  What a bargain!


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