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Parrots/Bird cage for Jenday conure


I am getting a Jenday conure in April.  I have a western cedar birdcage my husband made several years ago.  I've had finches in it my last bird was a black masked love bird for 11 years.  I've read and heard that cedar is very toxic!  Are they just referring to ceder chips?  How did my love bird last so long if so?
Question?   Will this bird cage be safe for my bird?
Also the wiring is 1/4 wire mesh

--- It's true that cedar is not recommended for birds.  Not as substrate (chips or saw dust), not as perches and not as cage material.

It's the natural oils in cedar that WE like so much that is toxic.  Not just to birds either.

Your previous birds were just plain lucky and probably didn't gnaw at the wood.  Chances are that the outer layers of the wood has dried out over the years, as happens with cedar.   To bring cedar 'back to life', as in cedar chests, just a light sanding is suggested.

Which means that a bird can potentially renew the threat to their health just by rubbing their beaks on the wood and of course any chewing

It's really not worth taking that chance is it?

And with sensitive respiratory systems together with billions of years of hard wired experience at 'masking' (not giving a hint that they might be suffering) - you might be dooming a bird to a tortuous life in such a cage, despite it's intricate beauty.

 As for the wire mesh:  test it by holding any refrigerator magnet up to it.  If there's any magnetic pull whatsoever, even that is highly toxic in being a heavy metal.  

Powder coating is done on all metal cages that are not stainless steel and it's urged to have them re finished if any part of them shows chipping or wearing down to the metal under the coating.  

 It's obvious you genuinely care about your birds - so why take any chances?  


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