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Parrots/conour abaneded eggs


QUESTION: I bought a 8yr old blk cap female with a 3yr old yellow sided male who had 5 eggs,however,they put the eggs in a seperate container & mama ignored them for a day, now she put paper in the home made box but i don't think they are alive, should i take them and/or box out or leave it

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At this point leave the eggs.  The may still be viable.  In any case, leaving them will curb her laying more to replace them and possibly developing health issues or loss of life as a result.

In about 3 to 4 weeks you'll know for sure.  She'll either abandon them or they'll hatch

Make sure you're feeding her right, now more than ever

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QUESTION: How often can she lay fertile eggs? They are always housed together, this is not the first ones she's had with him,however, we just got them. The eggs feel cold but she put one out of box and is tearing up paper and covering the rest

--  The question I'd rather hear is "how often should she be allowed to lay eggs?"  - because the answer to how often they can lay is that they can do it until they deplete their body so horribly that they just die.  

 You have no idea how many urgent questions I get from owners who suddenly have newly hatched chicks and a dead mom.  The poor bird held on with everything she had in order to see her clutch hatch and then she couldn't hang on anymore.   It's heart breaking and tragic.  

Let's not have this happen with yours ok?   Please?   Also, if you're encouraging laying you MUST must must have a vet in place.   That means having the birds seen for a well bird visit before there's an emergency.   A well bird visit where I am is only $40.   and that guarantees when you have an emergency, like an egg binding or dystocia or a hundred other problems associated with birds who are laying, you'll be seen as a priority and not for an inflated 'new patient, urgent care' charge - which is where all the rumors of crazy high vet costs come from.  A well bird visit = $40;  an emergency new patient can be close to $200. or more depending on the emergency.

So you see?  Get that vet in place now if you haven't already


 Now, with a well fed bird that is maintained with regular vet check ups to be sure they are still healthy and thriving - two clutches a year is the limit.  Better yet, 2 clutches, 6 months off, 1 clutch, 6 months off, 2 clutches, 6 months off

And to be sure about the diet - go here  


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