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Parrots/my macaw laid 2 eggs


QUESTION: my greenwing macaw just laid 2 eggs they both hit the floor and cracked open she is not being protective

ANSWER: -- Remove and discard the eggs.  What you really want to do is prevent future laying and you can see how here

If, however, she begins being broody again it might be worthwhile to allow the egg to be laid in a 'nest' (half of an old, clean sheet at the bottom of the cage)

If she lays in this, she should be content tending to the egg for about a month

Meanwhile, ideal feeding is necessary since egg laying can deplete vitamin and mineral storage.  The same link above will address feeding

Good luck!

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QUESTION: your birds are soooooo cute but the thing is my parrot doesn't ever go in her cage so we got rid of it.

-- These birds are all rescues too.  I've had some magnificent success stories, including one abandoned bird that languished in a travel sized cage for nearly a year, waiting, watching and listening for his owner to come back for him, but she never did.  

 After a few months in rehab here, learning to be touched again and being a good boy, eating well and finding joy in life all over again, he went on to fame and fortune.  He's now in an international show that uses rescued birds to teach people about macaws, where they live in nature and why it's important to leave them there rather than in homes that will usually never out live the bird.   It's like having a child when we're 80 years old.  It's inevitable that we'll pass on and leave that child in the care of strangers and who knows what kind of life.  When all they want is their 'mommy' or 'daddy' to come back.  

Anyway, I'd really suggest that you get a nighttime cage for your gal and make a regular routine of going to bed at a set time; getting up at a set time.  Schedules and routines are really basic to these birds.  Even in nature, they tend to go to roost at the same time every day; get up at the same time and do the same things.  And yet, their lives are joyful and long (perhaps because of this)

The birds here aren't in cages during the day either (new comers might be in one until they learn how to behave on the open perches and be trusted)

 I know you want to indulge her, but sometimes we have to be the 'big bird' and set rules.

If you do it with the right attitude it won't be hard and it can happen in less than a week

Good luck  


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