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I was wondering if I could release my birds into the wild in the summer? They are lovebirds and are about 7 years old. I want them to fell the happiness of being free. I was wondering how they would do in the wild if they were released? I live in Minnesota, where the averagme temperature is anout 60 F in the summer.

- Nope, sorry, can't happen.  Well, shouldn't.  They haven't been taught by their parents and the company of the flock what's necessary to survive.  They won't be happy, they'll be terrified.  They'll be easy prey for hawks, owls, all sorts of raptors in the trees and let's not even mention the predators on the ground.  

 They won't know what to eat and one mistake can kill them.  Slowly and painfully.

Do you know what provides sheer and true joy to a bird?  Being loved.  These are sentient birds (not like dogs or cats or robins or sparrows) - your birds know they exist and know 'self'.

They are listed on the short list of sentient animals, right under humans (which I often have doubts about) and apes; elephants, dolphins... then psittacines (like your birds)

 Would you throw a child out in the woods and wish them well, 'return to your mother nature and live in the forest (or a cave or the trees)'  

Then don't do that to your birds

 Find them a good home where they'll be valued family members and cherished for life.    


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