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January 2013 we rescued a B&G Macaw from our yard (Georgia).  He was very cold and hungry.  I tried diligently for 4 days to find its owner, eventually tracking down the breeder who was only able to give me the birth date.  It is 1.5 years old.  My husband was the one able to retrieve him from our barn, but he has become attached to me, not him.  He doesn't appear to talk.  He squawks occasionally.  After not being able to find his owner, we decided to keep him, purchased a very large cage for him, and brought him inside.  (while searching for his owner, he was in our garage with a heater on)  Once inside, he pulled a couple of feathers, but appears to be itching a lot.  We tried to mist him with water, and he doesn't like it at all.  He likes to bite/nip and I am trying to find the best way to stop that.  We have hung several toys in his cage.  He sleeps awesome at night.  He eats well, drinks well.  Biting and bathing I think are the major issues.  Other than the itching, he appears to be in perfect health and condition.  He appears to LOVE me and doesn't want anything to do with my husband (which totally crushes him)  He tolerates the children (9 and 12) but won't allow them much interaction.  He will step up onto my arm most times, goes to my shoulder and plays with my hair and then starts nipping at my ears and cheeks, mostly with his tongue out.(I think he might be playing or showing affection, but I don't want to allow him to do it if it will start even more biting or bad behavior)  I am afraid to look at him when he is on my shoulder because I don't know if he wants to really bite or is just showing affection.  Sometimes he bites at my shirt so much that I have bruises or holes in my shirts.  I don't think he is trying to be mean, but maybe just doesn't know his own strength?  He does like for me to pet his head and has hung upside down in his cage to allow me to pet his head and under his wings on his body.  At times I can even pet his entire back.  I want to do things correctly with this bird.  I have never owned a bird before or even petted one before.  Any help, advice, books, articles, or a person I could speak with to help ensure I do things correctly would be most appreciative.

---  If you found the breeder, didn't they have the name of the person they sold him to in their records?  Most breeders write the band number down with a name of purchaser.  

You might also call around to all vets who see birds and not only ask if anyone reported their obviously untrimmed bird missing, but to also make an appointment.  All birds need a vet in place (and trimmed wings) and then once or twice a year 'well bird visits' for the rest of their lives.  It's like having a toddler who never leaves.   Regular doctor's visits are imperative


Where I am they are only about $40 -- it's when you're trying to find a vet for the first time during an emergency that you'll run into the crazy high prices.


You're right about feeling uncomfortable about the bird on your shoulder at this point in time.  Let's stop that.  Oh so many reasons, but one repeated result I've seen way too many of:  Scars from the corner of the mouth up to the eye on people who never saw it coming.   And I'm talking some serious scars.  

The macaw has the most powerful of beaks in all of the parrot world.  THE MOST powerful.  The fact that abused or neglected macaws aren't removing fingers from their abusers only speaks volumes to the sweet, kind bird that they are

 Go here and see the girls, plus details you never thought to ask about how to be the best bird companion a bird can have  


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Bird Talk Magazine articles about rescued and problem macaws.

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