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This is a picture of him if it helps
This is a picture of h  
Okay! So my mom found one brown spot out of my parrot and we don't know if it was a mite because I didn't get a good look at it. Now I have tried to find more in him but i can't
seem to. What should I do to find out if my parrot has mites or not. I need help before it gets out of hand. Thank you .
 From, Saba

-- Chances are nearly 100% that your bird does NOT have mites.  Please, let's all finally put this awful, disgusting scam to rest.  Many sleazy, dishonest manufacturers make mite sprays and 'cage protectors' and all this other useless, potentially deadly trash to owners who simply don't know any better.

 Truth?  A well cared for, mostly indoor pet bird in even a 'fairly' clean environment will never, ever, have mites.

IF they do - the other truth is that NO spray or cage protector or pet store/internet product will treat them.  Can't happen.  Not once, not ever.  

 Anyone who might have actually had mites and believe some product 'cured' the bird has simply been conned.  You see, in the extraordinarily rare situations where a bird has mites, simply cleaning the cage well and often can lead to a resolution.  

 IF a bird has a serious mite infection due to bad care or from an infested parent, the first step is having the type of mite diagnosed under a microscope by a professional who knows that there are MANY kinds of mites and one treatment does not treat all.

 The most proficient and effective treatment is an injection of Ivermectin with a possible follow up 10 days or so later.


Here's an easy test for the most often found type:

If you cover the cage with a light/white colored cloth and discover ‘pepper’ spots on it in the morning - you’ve got a (red) mite infestation.  


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