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Parrots/tail feather drop?


I have a 6 month old conure, we have had her for a month,  tonight I came in the room and all the tail feathers were on the floor,  1.  not sure if the dog pulled them out, did not hear any distress from the bird,
2. not sure if they molted, 3. she came home a month ago and was put in a corner were she could see the room my husband said closer to the window makes her happy so 4 days ago I moved her Iam not sure the bird liked it,  it seemed more active and vocal and doesnt want to interact with us when it can look out the widow, my husband also had the bright idea of changing the bird over from seed and pellet mix to nutri berries, is all this too much for the bird or do you think I should take her to the vet?  she has now been moved back to the origianl position in the room and will go back to the old diet. will her beautiful red tail grow back?? Please say yes she looks so strange now.
thanks for your time

-- I'm very concerned over this sudden feather loss.  Since she's new to you to begin with, now would be the perfect time to establish a vet and get her baselines on record.  There is nothing worse than trying to find a vet during an emergency.  That's where the high charges come in.  As a well bird visit you can have her seen by an avian specific vet in my area for about $40.  

And don't forget that once or twice a year visits just for check ups and nails trimmed (wings too) is common these days with responsible bird owners.

 I'm probably more concerned over a dog having possible access to her.   You don't know how many, many stories I can woefully tell of dogs and birds seemingly living harmoniously together for years until ONE day when the owners come home and find nothing but feathers and body parts from a dog 'playing' --  the devastation is awful and nothing will get that day back for a do over.  

Cages aren't the protection you might think.  Many birds can be reached by a dog (or cat) through the bars and all it takes is having hold of any body part


Molts do not happen all at once with this type of bird.  During a molt they will retain their flight ability (in nature that is) and that's not possible with all tail feathers missing.  Even though our companion birds are not living wild, their biology still dictates that a molt is never disabling.

Nutri berries are not a base diet.  They are a supplement or treat.  Please get her back on pellets.  No seeds.  

 As for the feathers growing back:  They should.  Unless the root was harmed you should see new feathers popping through in a couple of weeks with new feathers fully formed by late spring or summer.

Again, please see a bird specific vet ASAP .  That is, a vet who sees only birds or at least the majority of their practice being birds.

 And check here for more bird info, feeding options and care  


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