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Parrots/I've just gotten an 8 yr old parrot that's been fed only sunflower seeds all it's life


Hi :)

Ok so 8 years ago my brother and I got given a baby ringneck parrot to hand raise, we did and when he was old enough we have him to our friend, little did we know that he'd keep him in a small cage and feed him sunflower seed and the occasional piece of fruit or vegetable

I knew the bird was in a bad way but here in Australia , what he did isn't illegal so we didn't report him, not long ago he offered to give the bird back so I basically jumped at it

His feathers are dull and he's missing some , his beak is peeling and it's right down to a black layer of beak at the tip, he had diarrhoea when he first came but that's gone back to normal

Since hes came into my care I've switched the sunflower seeds to a small parrot mix and given him a mix of veggies which he loves, my brother put him straight into our avary with my lorikeet( obviously doesn't understand the concept of quarantine ) and I also bought a water soluble vitamin, mineral and amino acid supplement for him , I understand that water soluble supplements in birds water is a fantastic breeding ground for bacteria so ill change the water often

He also shivers alot but is otherwise quite active

My guess is that he has fatty liver disease but I was wondering if u have any advice or information on what else to do for him

I can't afford taking him to the vet at the moment as iv just had to pay $1000's of dollars on my dog who got hot by a car

-- A bird fed this way for so long probably has a condition called hypovitaminosis A.  This opens the bird up to all sorts of health complications, including internal tumors and serious disease.

 The thing about birds is that they have billions of years of 'masking' experience, which means that by the time you actually SEE symptoms, the problem has probably been going on for a long, long time.

 I can help you feed him better, but to be blunt and honest:  You cannot afford to NOT take him to a qualified vet.  If you delay this, what might cost you $50 right now, can cost you $5,000 by the time you SEE the complications.


Of course this is your choice


 When it comes to feeding properly, NO seeds.  No sunflower; no 'parrot blend'; no, no, no seeds.  Here's how:

 Good luck  


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