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My Amazon yellow nape parrot came from Central America about 55 years ago. Very sad, but true. My mother got him from a south Florida pet store 35 years ago. I have known him that long. Just recently he has exhibited an awful behavior that my family has put my family at our whit end. First diet- fruits- vegetables  strawberries, grapes, cantaloupe, carrots, radishes, broccoli to name a few. NO, spinach or asparagus.
Steak from time to time. and of coarse seeds and nuts. His wing was broken when captured, so he does not fly. His venting has been sorta normal. turned more brown than green but has since then gone back to green.
He does not talk words, but does sing. But recently, he does not sing just lets out this horrible squawking noise when ever someone walks into the room. even to the dogs. but the last couple of days when nobody is around. sometimes it seams like he does not know where he is or can not see anything. Big problem is that he will not let anybody pick him up except me. Recently will not let me pick him up. because of his past of abuse. Do you have any suggestions.  Help any way you can. Catharin

Hi catharine,
Thanks for your question. You parrot seems to have vision problems or sense problems. He  seems to become irrated by the presence of people. Mybe because of his old age he is becoming much more moody and agitated by people as birds are very sensative creatures esxpecially parrots which get bonded to their owners. Try to track the behaviour by watching what he does when you enter the room. Test it by letting someone enter with you at the same time then after you.

To solve this problem,
Follow thw above tests and also do the following to re-develop that old bond you have with your parrot. each time any person enters let them give him his favorite treat and some attention especially when you , his owner, enter the room. This will let him feel much more wanted and he will feel he is the center of attention. Again do not over exceed the amount of attention you give as that will result in him squaking when you go out of the room. Also , take him from time to time to the vet and have him checked especially his sight , hearing and senes and make sure he is eating well. Change his toys , bath him and offer a food variety.

Thank you
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