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Hello there. I have recently fell for a scam on gumtree and have been sold a parrot that seems incredibly distressed and not at all as described. He was described as hand tame, talkative, responded to his name and tame enough to hand feed and go in and out of his cage freely. The woman offered to bring him to us and has left an e mail that doesnt work and a telephone number that doesnt work. I have taken in rescue parrots before so i do not mind if he is not talking or perfectly tame but he is starting to worry me.One of his wings is smaller than the other. He escaped from his cage a few days ago and he cannot fly at all. He hides from us every time we approach him and panics and flys into the bars when we feed him. The last few days he has started trashing his cage and is trying to escape every day. We have tried sitting with the cage door open and he wont come out. We dont know what else we can do to help him settle and we are so worried hes going to hurt himself. We have had him three weeks and he is allegedly 4 months old.can you offer any advice?

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It stresses one out that many [people out their intent to cheat others by selling them untamed unhealthy parrots and throwing those wild captured feathered innocent creatures into houses for the matter of cash. Their are many of these people out there that play this game and many have been fooled into this trick and god knows how much bad things these people are doing.
Now , to get to the point here is what you should do.
If you really want to keep him and not take him to rescuers and develop a bond then follow these instructions carefully:
1-Take him immediately to a vet and get him a full check up. Explain to them the cause.
2-After you have done that which is very important purchase a large cage for your parrot.
3-wing trim your parrot.
4-fill the cage with chewy toys, mirrors
5-play the same parrot species soundas (for example if its a ringneck play ringneck songs repeatedly on a computer/mobile
6-Shower him regularly (every 4 days-1 week) and place him in indirect sunlight on a quarter of the caqe)
7-sit next to him and talk to him on a daily basis
8-put him in a place where there are people (not soo much) and allow him to familiarise with the voices of different humans and their movements
9-continue all above for at least 3 weeks.
10-When he gets used to you and the enviroment then you can start opening th cage and allowing him to curiously wonder around.
11-you can now start training him to step up.

Each and every step above has its great importance. None must be missed/avoided. This is the fastest way your parrot will get used to you.

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