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Parrots/retaming my lost African Grey parrot


I had Alex my 2 year old African Grey parrot since 6 months of age. I always hand fed and scratched his head. He used to cuddle with me. Now since he has matured, he won't let me do any of these things. He is frightened and runs to the back of the cage when I open his cage door. If I get him on me, its only after he flys to the floor, then reluctantly he steps up on my fingers. When he does, his wings are raised and he looking to fly off and growling. I am so sad is this sudden change. Why this sudden change in his behavior? How can I get him to where our relationship use to be? He also attempts to bite.  PLEASE HELP. Thank you.

Hi Rob,
When birds reach maturity stage they become extremly moody and agressive espcially when it comes to large sensative parrots or medium sized ones like the african greys. One day they can be your best friends and the next day not. This is why it is crucial to maintain a strong bond with your bird/parrot. I have dealt with many african greys and their owners complain about their sudden change in personalities.

Here is how to stop this:
-Start by changing the toys around the cage and varying the food  diet
-Take your bird out of the cage and place it on a stand below shoulder level so that it does not become dominant.
-Now, begin by repeatedly doing the step-up command(at least 10-20 times) from hand to hand even if your bird knows it. remember we are rebuilding the bond here.
-After that reward your bird with enthusiasm , his favorite treats and show him how much you love him.
-After the training session is complete allow him to walk around the room and enjoy while you sit right next to him talking to him, handfeeding him...ect. let this be for around 30 min a day.
-repeat the above process for at least 2 weeks on A DAILY BASIS  and keep him familiarised as much as possible with various people.

This will make sure that your parrot will acknowledge the fact that you are always there for him and you mean no harm to him. Following these steps will gurantee success.

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