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QUESTION: I have had Zazu our amazon mealy parrot since September 2011. We got him as his previous owner died and he was very shy and withdrawn when we took him home. Before she had him he was a rescue parrot so we have no idea what kind of history he had.we were told he was estimated to be about 10 years old but because of his history we never knew for sure. Hes never shown any kind of health issues. He gradually got used to us and waa very chatty, loved to sing and loved tickles and attention. I noticed on thursday he was puffed up and was moving his head back when he was breathing. We took him to our vets who said he looked like he was using his tummy a lot to breathe and the vet suggested keeping him in for nebulisation treatment. They rang me on saturday and said he was taking to the treatment fine and he was eating and drinking as normal. They rang me again on monday morning and said they had listened to his breathing and they could hear no signs of any issues and their main concern was he was very quiet. They rang me the next day to say he had died overnight. Im so worried as i dont know whats happened and im blaming myself for leaving him there as im so upset the change has caused it. Is there any common issues that sound like these symptons that we could have missed? We are so upset as we expected to be picking him up from the vets on tuesday night. I cant stop blaming myself. Thank you for your time

ANSWER: Hi Emma,
I am sorry for the loss of your parrot. This is due to a heart attack , lack of breathing or lung problems. Analysing your problem, your parrot might have had a block in his lung absorption of oxygen causing him to intake air from his stomache more and he could not endure that and so passed away.  He might have slept and the hospital and do stopped using his stomache to breath in which led to his death. Do not blame that on ur self as this is not your fault. You must be
Proud of ur self that this parrot was 10 years old and lived more with you as this doesn't happen with most rescue parrots. It is faith that decides destinies and you shouldn't blame yourself. I know it's very hard and I have went through a similar case. Wish u all the best !

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QUESTION: Thank you so much. Im trying my hardest not to blame myself and am slowly coming to the terms that hes not coming home. Im even looking into taking in another parrot in the new year as i have so much love to give to another and im missing the noise! Any good advice or suggestions on where to start? I have also liked your facebook page :)

I advice yout to begin considering what species is the most suitable for you with regards to experience, time, noise and other factors. Then make sure you purchase one from a breeeder to avoid unknown past problems. Also i recommend you to visit various pet stores and socialise with the different species before attempting to make a desicion.
Best of luck

expert hani


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