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I recently obtained a white winged Parakeet from a friend 2 days ago. He will be 2 years old in February. I plan to give him to my Father for Christmas. He is very smart, tame, knows a few words, and enjoys spending time with me (he's sitting with me now). He has been in 6 different homes so far.
I have a few behavioral problems with him. The first one is that he HATES my boyfriend. When my boyfriend speaks or walks by, the bird screams. He cannot pick him up, the bird bites him aggressively.  Even if he talks to him threw the cage the bird bites the bars and freaks out. I do not even like birds, but my boyfriend does. When we first met the bird, he took to me right away and stepped up on my finger. But, when he first met my boyfriend he bit him. We wonder why the bird prefers me over him. He never bites me. Can birds prefer females over males?
Another problem is that anytime we run water (shower or faucets) he screams, which is very annoying.
And lastly, I do not trust him on my shoulder.  The friend I got him from told me not to let him on my shoulder because of a dominance thing (is that true?). she said to wait until he's a little older.  But, he really wanted on my shoulder so, I let him up there anyway. I turned my face towards him and made kissy noises at him, then after a few mins he bit my lip and even drew a little blood! How can we stop that?
Oh, one more thing, he doesn't want to be petted. He will nip at you (not hard). How can I pet him?
Thank you!

Birds when they reach maturity stage they become extremly dominant and they must be put BELOW shoulder level. Also, birds usually tend to bond with only specific people and not everyone sometimes a specififc gender (male/female) and they tend to hate the other.  
As for showering use a spray bottle filled with warm water or you can purchase a showering junle lotion from a pet store which i use along with the spray bottle filled with water for my birds. This ensures glossy clean feathers. Shower them twice a week and this will cause them to become much more used to showering.

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