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Hey, I have a gold and blue macaw he is now 10 months old. We got him when he was 4 months old. He has been very healthy and looking good but for the past 2-3 weeks he has been loosing quite a few feathers. None of his big ones just his little blue and yellow ones. He still has heaps of grey fluffy ones on his body too is that because his still young or do they have that through their whole life? Just wondering if that was normal for them or if we're doing something wrong?

His diet is fruit apple, banana etc and we give him his pellets and some nuts too. So his got a good diet..

And also he has those little feathers that's still in the tube all over him..what does that mean? It's usually on places he can't really reach to groom like his head and near his bum. Is that a bad thing that he has quite a few of them too?

Hope to hear from you soon.

Thank you

It sounds like he's having his first major molt and this is very common.   Yes, feathers will be everywhere for the next month or two so plan on doing a lot of vacuuming to keep dander under control.   Macaws are more prone to allergic reactions than other birds so keeping their area clean every day is important

----- I'm not sure about the "heaps of grey fluffy ones" though.  He could be 'mowing'.  That is, snapping off the outer feathers.

 Here is a good guide to how to feed and care for your macaw


 The feathers still in their sheaths will eventually be opened by your bird when he grooms them or uses his feet to scratch them

 It's the proper time to establish him with a vet for a 'well bird visit' - and then maintain that 2x's a year for life.   After all, it's like having a child and regular doctors' visits are part of being a parent right?

Good luck and I wish you a long, happy lifetime with your new family member  


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