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Hi, I have a parrot I've had her in human years (24 years)ever since i was teenager. My parrot is like my little girl she is so amazing.  
My concern is I don't know if something is wrong with her or if she just bored because i can not interact with her like i use to e.g. talk, sing, and play with her, i do still do it but not often.  She started laying eggs about a year ago. Last year her very first egg, this year total 2 at different days. I took her to the vet in Jan. after she lay the one to see if she sick, vet said she looks good and vet took a simple of her drops. by the time i got back home she laid another egg which would be her second egg in a few days before ( egg was in her carrier). The vet called me about 2 days after visit to let me know no parasites in her droppings. however, my bird seems ok but acts little strange sometimes. my concerns I've never heard her like she is trying to breathe catching her breath or breathing through her mouth or something.  She would go in her cage in and out to eat little and then rush out cage to go unstop of cage in her snuggle hut and chew on her block, shreds her block up and just chill in there for a good while. She also picks on her manu mineral block. Do she need a calcium supplement? O and by the way her laying egg is i think because i would massage her head to back, I stopped. Please help me understand if i need to give her something, is it possible of a respiratory issue or so.


-- You're doing fine with the mineral block and manu.  They ARE calcium so no 'supplements' please.   

 You're also right that the touching below the shoulders can trigger egg laying, so let's stop that and focus on lots of head and beak touching, engaging in games and learning experiences instead ok?

The one thing I'm concerned about is the chewing on the hut.   Recently, a client brought their love bird in with what looked like a tumor.  Turns out it was YEARS worth of fabric from a hidey hut.  Fortunately, these people caught it early and now, twice a year check ups are regular.


Your bird needs an Xray and at the very least an oral swab - possibly blood work done   Not just to check for the more obvious infections, but look for metal toxicity and any internal masses


 I'd like to see more natural beta carotene and healthier foods overall.  You probably already have them in your kitchen.  Check here for nutritional ideals

You're a good mom.  Keep it up!  


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