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Alfie in the second day of getting him
Alfie in the second da  
Hi there

I have an 11 month old budgerigar called Alfie.

He is either a Yellow-faced Type 2 or a Lime-green budgie.
The problem is that he seems to have a split personality and is obsessive.

I got him last April from a aviary and was a very nice bird and liked been held and picked up but then he turned wild within about three weeks of me getting him.

He would not come anywhere near us and he was just flying round to get away from us. This went on until he was about 6 or 7 month old.

I then decided to put my hand in the cage several times a day and he got used to me and then tried it when he was out of his cage. He soon got used to meand now when he is out, he flies to us and spends his time with us; especially when we are eating.

But the problem is that I do not know what made him go wild and then he became obsessive over his seed dishes and now his ball. He even bites sometimes when I put my hand is the cage.

It all started when he was about 5 months old and when I used to change his food, he used to run across his perch and attack my hand and then I took one seed dish out, only leaving one.

This is the dish he was not possessive with and then he started throwing tantrums and dragging it off his bars and dropped it all over his floor. I kept refilling it but he kept doing the same thing until I put it higher up so he has to do a little climb to reach his seed. He is OK now but there is another problem; he still bites hard when I have him on my finger and he is possessive over his ball.

It seems like he only bites me and I am the one who has cared for him but he leaves my parents alone and just sits on their hands looking around and minding his own business.

When I change his food; he tries to bite me; when I have him on my finger, he bites me and when I am playing with him on the floor with his ball he chucks it round and when I go and pick the ball up and throw it(While I am picking it up), he goes for me and bites.

Other times, he is happy and does not bite. He does not bite as much now than he did before when I change his food but he is aggressive with his ball and he bites when I have him on my finger.

As I said above, it seems like I am the only one he bites and I am the one that has brought him up and cared for him. My budgie does not appreciate my time and devotion of the time I have spent with him; at least it seems like that.

I also have two dogs( a 19 month old Bichon Frise; soft as a brush; and A 9 year old tea-cup Yorkie cross who is temperamental), And Alfie flies all over Grace(B F) and is fearless but does not attack her. He tries to fly to Megan but being a Terrier; she tries snapping at him as she is a nervous dog. As I say, he is not a nervous budgie and loves attention; so what is causing this split temperament and how do I stop him biting me all the time?

When he was a baby, I did notice some biting traits; see photo; but I did not think anything of it but he started biting when he was a few month old.

What caused him to liking being held and stroked and then to being wild?

I really do not know about bird personalities.

One more thing before I leave. Thius last 3 weeks, he has been drinking accessivly and his water last him two days whilst it used to last him a week. He has a calcium block and a cuttlefish in his cage and he is on Budgerigar seed. I do sometimes put a fruit/seed stick as a treat. I am just wondering what is the matter with him and if I should be worried.

Please help me have my Mouthy Alfie back that came to me.

Thank you.


Also, can you please tell me what breed he is.

--  I would love to help.  He is a spectacularly beautiful bird!  Absolutely some of the nicest markings I've seen on a budgie.  

 One thing I can see right away is that the cage is too small.  That would make a fine 'sleep cage', but a budgie is a high energy bird and needs lots of room to flutter around and things to keep busy with, otherwise it would be like someone making you live in your bedroom all the time and never come out.  Or rarely come out.   You'd go a little crazy wouldn't you?  Especially with nothing much to do in there.  No tv or computer or game system.  Eeek!


The other thing you need to change is the food.  For pet birds, seeds aren't good.  Imagine that you're in that bedroom again, with nothing much to do and then all you ever get to eat every day is french fries and ice cream.  

Sure, YOU would love it, but your body wouldn't.  Even though it would seem that you're fine and growing -  one day you'd end up showing symptoms of heart disease, liver disease, diabetes and even malnutrition!   It's very possible for an overweight person OR bird to be malnourished if all they ate was junk.   Seeds are considered 'birdy junk food' and it's really not healthy.

Even in the wild these birds wouldn't eat nothing but seeds.  They'd eat their veggies and fruits and even proteins like insects.   

Now, for the all your other questions - ALL the answers are right here:

And there are even recipes there that you can make for your bird AND eat yourself!  Nothing like sharing a good meal to make the bond stronger.

It also talks about how to get him more 'tame' and easily handled.

Just remember, you've got nothing but time.  Don't rush, be patient and understand that it's very hard for your bird too.  He's trying to communicate and doesn't speak human.  And there you are, trying to communicate and not speaking bird.

 But with love and patience you CAN figure it out.  


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