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I have a Jenday Conure, he is a year and 5 days old. Yesterday we just got home from a car ride 20 hour trip from NC to Texas. Before we left he picked up a new habit of sitting on his cage door and kind of rocking his whole body up and down. Well today he's been acting 'drunkish', where he will be hanging on the bars and lean faaaar back and kind of move his head around (weaving motion). He only does it while in the cage! I've never seen him do this before unless he was watching a bug (there aren't any, I've checked). Other than that one thing, he has been completely normal. He hasn't been losing balance, falling off of anything, or acting dizzy.

--  He's very likely just fine.  You have one of the most playful, little clowns of the bird world and they use some strange acrobatics to entertain themselves and others.

Young birds are especially prone to antics like this.  I had one owner call in a panic when they found their bird laying on its back at the bottom of the cage.   Of course that's a scary sight, but it was a young bird and it just didn't want to have to perch all the time - so they put a little pillow that was actually a SAFE doggy soft chew toy, in the bottom of the cage safely out of the way of being pooped on - and for many months that bird was often found laying on the pillow.   Eventually the bird grew out of it of course, but to this day that pillow (chew toy) is still a favorite toy

 Here's a great site, complete with pics and everything else you might need to provide the best care possible for a long, healthy lifetime for your bird:  


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