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HI EM HAVING AFRICaN grey parrot who iz 1 year hold,hand raised hIm when he waz just a pin feather chick, he is very attached with me but sometimes he doesnt obey my command n gets hyperexcited that he may even bite me if i try to stop him, it mostly happens when i take him out of the cage n play with it, after 30min of welL plAy he shows hyperexcited behaviour, inturn i have to put him back in the cage, plz guide how to make him understand that he has listen n stop that at that time n nOt to bite.

-- So you want to dictate how your bird thinks or feels, forbid certain moods, wants or desires and have him be happy about it, right?

Hmmm.  How would you feel if someone did that to you?

You see, this bird is one of the geniuses of the bird world.  I'm not kidding around either.  Grey's are phenomenally intelligent.  In fact, it was decades of work done by Dr Pepperberg that contributed to psittacines being ranked in the top 5 list of sentient, self aware animals.

Humans - Apes - Dolphins - Elephants - Psittacines (like yours!)


So, with this degree of intelligence, insisting on getting your way all the time, every time, is like someone bigger, stronger and in control bullying you around.   Heck, wouldn't YOU bite?  

Take a look here to learn more about what's in that little birdy body


Then go here  to find out how to have a real partnership of a relationship rather than a dictatorship.  It will also give you a guideline for stopping the negative behavior by learning your bird's "language" (it's not words!)

I think you'll be surprised at just how frustrated your super smart bird must be and how easy it is to have him want to be with you rather than needing to fight him all the time  


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