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Hi we are currently having to move to a house that has no central heat and air. We live in GA so it dosent usually getto awful cold. My question is should I put a heat lamp up for my dusky conure or a heat pad? Or do you think he will be ok without it? I dont want him to get sick from the change. We only have heaters in the bedrooms and they are small and I woul;dnt have enough room for him in there. Any advice would be great! Thank You!

-- GREAT question!  Conures and quite frankly most other psittacines (parrots) adjust remarkably well to temp changes.   A little heater in his room to keep the temp at or around 72 to begin with and dropping about a degree a day after the first 2 or 3 days - would be reasonable.

Be sure the heater is NOT near the cage;  be sure there is adequate ventilation and importantly, put a smoke alarm AND carbon dioxide /carbon monoxide detector in the room.  That is very important.  

I prefer electric heaters with no teflon or non stick parts (call manufacturer) or sealed oil heaters (you do not have to add oil ever) -  No kerosene, oil or gas heaters where you do have to add fuel.  

 Check on him regularly - be prepared to seek emergency and immediate care if you see him at bottom of cage, wobbly in balance, sleeping a lot

 There's much more here

Good luck!  


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