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We were giver a beautiful Sun Conure Chloe. She was almost 10 years old.  Wihin the last three weeks, she started laying eggs.
She laid one in her water bowl and the other two broke.  This week she kept acting like she was going to lay another egg.  Yesterday, we made her a little nesting bowl  She was fine all day, and towards the evening she started fluffing her feathers, and just acted like she was very tired.  We put her in a smaller cage, and let her sit by us until time to go to bed.  My husband went to her cage this morning, and she was sitting in her nesting bowl.  He got her out and held her.  He put her back in her cage, she looked at him as he put her in.  An hour later, she was dead.  We are so heart broken, I can hardly type this email.  What in the world happened?  We loved her so. We had made an appointment to take her to the Vet today, but we never were able to.  God rest in peace our precious Angel.  We loved you so.

-- I'm so very, very sorry for your loss.  I understand your devastation and heart break.  

There are so many factors that might have led to this.  Egg laying takes a terrible toll on little bodies.  Calcium deficiency, hypovitaminosis A and other depletions may have led to heart failure; even kidney failure, liver disease or internal tumors.   And the horrible 'egg binding' or dystocia that happens in some birds may also have played a part.


 If she had been on a predominantly seed diet all of the risk factors were modified ten fold or higher.   In fact, a seed diet alone, without egg laying, reduces birds' lives by many years in most cases.  Pet stores and food makers don't have any obligation toward 'truth in advertising' like in human products.   Pet store owners, clerks and even online advisers rarely have any actual education with regard to animal care & nutrition.  Any teenager can open a pet store.  Not even a high school degree is required, but you wouldn't believe the number of people who think advice from 'the pet store owner' is gospel

 In any event, nothing brings her back, BUT I beg of you, when the pain subsides and you find there's an empty room in your heart, please consider filling it with a new, preferably rescued feathered friend.  

 Live your life in honor of your loved one - not in mourning of her.  Take the lessons she has taught you over the years and put them into action.

 Lessons like living every day as if it's the best day EVER!   How to forgive and forget quickly and completely.   How even the dreariest of days is worth singing about.  How to appreciate a warm hand, a soft touch  and a sweet treat as if it's the first time, every time.

 This pain you're feeling will dull as every day goes by, I promise you.  


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